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Want to become a registered yoga teacher but don’t know how or where to start?

Just look the questions and our advice that will help guide you on your yoga journey.

1. Do you practice yoga? It doesn’t really matter whether you practice, At home, in the presence of a teacher or beginner, What Matters is that you practice. If you do, then You’ve likely already experienced the benefits of yoga first-hand and are ready to dive deeper into your yoga journey. As long as you practice yoga at all, it makes no difference whether you’re a ‘beginner’ or ‘advanced’; each person has their own level of physicality, and not everyone is into fancy poses. What matters is your own unique personal experience with yoga.

2. Do you want a rewarding career? Being a yoga teacher is a rewarding career because you’re helping others. If you know someone who works in the medical field, you’ve probably heard them talk about how fulfilling it is to be a patient advocate and healing facilitator. Likewise, you can instruct your students on yoga’s mental and physical benefits to help them improve their health and change their lives.

3. Do you yearn to expand your yogic knowledge? Do you always stay back after class with questions for your teacher? Or do you spend a lot of time contemplating and Google yoga-related stuff? Yoga poses are just one of the eight limbs of yoga, and if you have come to yoga through its physical practice, you will eventually feel compelled to explore its philosophical aspects. Teacher training is an excellent opportunity for this.

4. Do you feel stuck in your yoga practice? Sometimes yoga students feel like they shouldn’t take a training program because their practice is in a “rut”. In fact, yoga teacher training is a great way to reinvigorate your practice. Teacher training will introduce you to a deeper, more fulfilling practice and connect you with people who are passionate about embodying a yogic lifestyle.

5. Are you ready to eat, live and breathe yoga? We’re not exaggerating. If you choose to join a traditional yoga school, you will be in yoga atmosphere 24/7, eating simple vegetarian food, talking about chakras and learning cryptic Sanskrit phrases (as if the asana weren’t enough). You will be dreaming about postures. And for a 200-hour intensive course (a basic course for yoga teacher training; keep reading for additional possibilities), you’re in this atmosphere for at least a month. Are you prepared? Consider whether you can dedicate a full-month of time to a program without feeling like you need to return to your regular life. Also remember that there will be homework outside course hours. Honestly evaluate whether you’re at a place in your life where you can reap the benefits of such an immersion.

It may feel like a drag to have to do all this, but if you paid your hard-earned money to attend a course, it makes sense to get the most out of it!
6. Do you want to teach yoga? A Payable yoga training is, of course, well worth the cost if you’ve decided you want to be a teacher. Yoga is a growing industry that will likely continue to evolve within our lifetimes. If you want to share the practice with others from the bottom of your heart, you will be paid back the investment in spades if the teacher’s path is the one you want to follow. That said, you don’t need to become a teacher to benefit from a yoga teacher training course. Many students attend teacher training programs to receive intensive asana training, deepen their spiritual practice and connect with likeminded people. Here are five reasons you may benefit from a yoga teacher training program even if you don’t want to teach:

1. Alignment, alignment, alignment. In a teacher training course, there’s much more time for you to learn about the alignment aspect of yoga. Alignment is critical to ensure that your yoga practice is safe and therefore sustainable. In teacher training, there’s more emphasis on safe posture practices, and you’ll have plenty of time to ask questions.

2. To understand the anatomical and physiological aspects of yoga. Yoga differs from other physical exercises because each pose has a certain effect on the body, be it physical or energetic. In a teacher training course, you’ll gain a deeper understanding of the function of the poses, how to use them to help the body achieve optimal health and, most importantly, the contraindications towards each pose. This is important because without proper knowledge of the poses, we can unknowingly do more harm than good to our bodies.

3. Understand the philosophical parts of yoga. Yoga poses are just one limb of yoga. The bigger part of yoga has to do with life and how we as individuals relate to it. You will come to learn about all this through the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali.

4. Immerse yourself in the yoga experience. This is a very special time in your life. With the demands of modern life, one has at most one or two hours daily to commit to their yoga practice. During an intensive teacher training course, you will have the chance to embrace yoga all day, every day!

5. it’s an opportunity to dive deep into yourself. All the above combined will make you question your thoughts and belief systems. You will begin to wonder if you’ve been living to the fullest, and what changes would you like to see in your life. In this period of time, healthy conflict will arise— things that have been long buried deep within you. This is the time to unveil these issues and deal with them, rather than just sweeping them under the rug again, leaving them unresolved.

Welcome to YOGJEEV Yoga Teacher Training(YYTT) India.

Yoga Teacher Training In Mumbai, India

Welcome to YYTT School, most authentic Yoga Teacher Training School in Mumbai. We are a truly dedicated school which provides our students with the most authentic yoga experience , offering traditional and ancient yoga with modern aspects and modified concept of yoga. We have some of the most knowledgeable yoga masters, teaching students of all levels, at a high standard.

Our courses include Philosophy, Asana Alignment, Pranayama, Meditation, Human Anatomy, Physiology, psychology and teaching practice. We offer a 200Hrs Hatha yoga teacher training courses (TTC) To be given the opportunity to become a certified yoga teacher followed by internship. Our place is filled with such a graceful spirit. From the moment you wake up in the morning and start the day with a blissful cleanse, until the moment you go to bed after a full day of a well-designed and structured yoga teacher training program, you are fully immersed in the yogic culture and will be forever inspired.

Our main goal of Yoga TTC is to help you develop and deepen your practice as well as prepare you to teach. At YYTT, we make our students feel as comfortable as possible. Our masters are here for full support throughout your yoga training . Now is the best time to come to one of the most authentic yoga teacher training school and we can assure you it is a journey you will never forget.

200 hours Yoga Teacher Training

Multi-Style Teacher Training Course has a variety of yoga styles such as Hatha Yoga, Ashtanga Vinyasa, Power, Restorative, Yoga Therapy, and much more. While inviting the people of the world for yoga training at YYTT yoga training center, we have the unique arrangement like peaceful and comfortable course.

Why Join YYTT Yoga Courses India ?

We pride ourselves in being the pure and authentic Yoga School in Mumbai. At YYTT, our Yoga Teacher Training Courses are highly structured. We are dedicated to offering you the best yoga experience. Our yoga masters are highly qualified and having worldwide teaching experience. All of our Yoga Teacher Training Courses at YYTT are suitable for anyone who is a BEGINNER, INTERMEDIATE or ADVANCED practitioner and wants to explore further. Our courses for the 200hr Hatha Yoga Instructor courses follow all the international standards.