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  • Posted on Aug 11, 2020

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Free automation software TiTask is free Windows software that you can use to record and repeat actions. Using this tool, you can record simple processes and convert them into a small macro that you can use as often as you like with the click of a button. As the name implies, this program is limited to a 35 KB compact. In addition, there is no need to write when using electronic devices; As mentioned, you don’t need reading skills to be able to list jobs. You just need to record what is happening on your screen and allow the application to create a small application. After that, you can repeat the actions at any time. All software has a single window with a very simple and intuitive interface. (function () {(‘preview-app-page-desktop’);}); All the main buttons are displayed in one column, so it won’t be too complicated to use, although there is no tutorial available. There is a Help button, but the content is not much. To record a task, you only need to press the Record button and execute the task. The program will capture everything you do, be it a file or folder, a web browser or a more detailed sequence. When you’re done, you can stop recording and click Click. TinyTask will repeat everything you did. If you like it, you can click Save and name the main name. You can then return to your saved macros whenever you want to repeat the function you recorded. All you have to do is press the TinyTask play button and watch when your arrow fires on its own and performs the process. If your media player tried to play your macros, you just need to lock the player, right click on the entire file and select TinyTask in “Open with”; The macrosLote entries you have created on the hard drive can be configured in the REC format. You can also include them as an ExE file, which allows you to do this again later. This option also allows you to implement your automation as quickly as possible. The application also allows you to configure the function you want to perform. In the settings panel, you can set the playback speed, normal or fast. In addition, you can also configure it to reproduce the number of user inputs or to do so continuously. The settings panel also has the option to hide or show pointers and remember the settings in INI files. You can also easily set the recording and playback hot keys; An important piece of softwareFinally, TinyTask is a useful tool when you want to customize duplicate tasks. The software is very light, so the CPU and memory usage is minimal. It also offers automatic recording and automatic playback. When you need to perform repetitive processes, this is a tool that reduces the task to one;

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