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  • Posted on Dec 10, 2020

Foxit PhantomPDF Business 10
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Foxit PhantomPDF Business 10

A complete enterprise PDF solution that extends the PhantomPDF Standard, providing advanced editing, joint editing initiation, increased security, additional file compression, A / E / X PDF creation, and Bates numbering.

Edit the text

Edit paragraph text without worrying about layout – text automatically adjusts as you edit. After editing, check the spelling of the document.

Advanced text editing

Advanced editing capabilities for more complex PDFs. To merge text for faster editing, link, merge, or share blocks of text. Move and resize text blocks to make them more attractive.

Advanced object editing

Edit shadows on pictures, objects, and objects. Edit the text to format it. Change page layout properties, add shading to objects, convert text to path, merge / split text, and edit .ai files.

Edit and format text

Change the font of PDF text by changing the type, style, size, color, and effect. Align text left, center, or right and choose from several lines.

Professional documents

Customize the look of your PDF by adding or modifying stamps, watermarks, headers, footers, and backgrounds to create professional-looking PDFs.

Enter objects, pictures, videos

Insert images and videos into your PDF and make it more interactive. Align objects left, center, or center. Divide objects horizontally or vertically. Turn, twist or cut objects.

Create an industry standard PDF

Create PDFs from hundreds of common file types that are 100% compatible with other PDF products. Reduce the file size before distribution or archiving to save transfer time and disk space.

Export PDF to Word Other Formats

Easily share PDF content by exporting to MS Word, PowerPoint and Excel, RTF, HTML, XML, text and image formats.

Create a PDF using Microsoft Office, Outlook, and Visio

Create PDFs with built-in and full-featured add-ins for Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Outlook, and Visio.

Create a PDF form

Develop PDF forms quickly and easily with automatic form field detection and layout wizard. Create professional-looking forms with radio and radio buttons; check boxes, combination, and list; and text and signature fields.

PDF Portfolios

View, print, create, edit, and search text in PDF Portfolios.

PDF / A, E, X compliance

Create and validate industrial PDFs for archiving, engineering, and printing.

Shared overview

Start a shared overview to engage PhantomPDF, Foxit Reader, and MobilePDF users through the public cloud (Foxit Cloud), network folder, SharePoint workspace, or email.

Feedback tools

Provide feedback on documents using the text formatting and annotation tools.

Comment management

Quickly view all comments in a document in one easy-to-understand summary. Import, export, and email comments as an FDF file.

SharePoint integration

Register and extract PDFs seamlessly on SharePoint servers.

DocuSign integration

Send, sign and save the most commonly used PDF documents for electronic signatures in industry.

Evernote integration

Create and send a PDF as an attachment to an Evernote note.

PDF documentpage management

Allows you to delete pages, add pages, switch pages, flatten, crop, and extract pages in a PDF.

Create a PDF from an existing PDF

Add, delete, or merge pages in multiple PDFs to create new PDFs.

Compare PDF documents

It uses color to highlight the differences between two PDFs, so you can quickly and easily see what’s changed.

Search for PDFs by content

The built-in search and registry plug-in for Windows Desktop Search lets you search for PDFs by content, title, subject, author, keywords, notes, bookmarks, attachments, and more.

Bates numbering

Add identification to documents as they are scanned or processed.

Organize PDF documents

Pages and attachment panels let you organize your pages and attachments by simply dragging thumbnails from within a document or from one document to another.

Scan documents to PDF

Simplify your workflow by converting paper contracts, contracts, and other documents to electronic PDFs – scan and convert in one step.

Optical Character Recognition (OCR)

OCR to convert scanned or image-based content to selectable, searchable, and editable text.

Edit the text of scanned documents

Editing OCR with editable text and then paragraph text from scanned documents, which is especially valuable if you have only one paper version.

Correct suspicious OCR results

Find and correct incorrect OCR results to allow accurate file indexing to search for PDFs.

Pages were scanned to an existing PDF

To streamline your work, add scanned documents directly to your PDF.

Sign documents with a PDF mark

Sign the documents with your handwriting. You can easily sign PDFs to create, manage, place, apply, and password-protect multiple signatures.


To protect confidential information, permanently remove (edit) visible text and images from PDF documents.

Microsoft Rights Management

It extends the benefits of tracking AD RMS usage to PDFs and allows authors and administrators to manage the rights management of each PDF. Provides encryption and decryption options.

Document encryption

Use password or certificate encryption to see what other people can do to protect sensitive information about the document.

Add / verify digital signatures

Add digital signatures and timestamps to documents, and let the PDF recipient check the status of the digital signature to determine if the document has changed since the signature was applied.

Clean the document

Before publishing, remove sensitive information from your document, such as metadata, comments, hidden data from previous save operations, hidden layers, overlays, and more.

What’s new

Fixed issues with FoxitPhantomPDF

Fixed some security and stability issues. Click here for more information.

System requirements:

Windows 7 (32-bit to 64-bit)

-Windows 8 full version

– Windows 10

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